Clean Sweep of Cleveland


Clean Sweep = Clean Streets + Clean Streams

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Cleveland, TN. We are the leading providers of street, parking lot and roadway sweeping services in southeastern Tennessee. Along with reducing urban runoff and improving water quality, we also maintain grounds for municipalities and industrial complexes. Whether you work in retail, construction, manufacturing, or as a city planner, Clean Sweep of Cleveland can help you meet your environmental stewardship and brand image goals.

Environmental Solution to Urban Runoff

One of the greatest environmental threats faced by cities and companies alike is caused by urban runoff. This is the debris that remains on streets and parking lots and in industrial warehouses. Urban runoff is made of chemical waste, vehicle emissions, and other pollutants. Failing to remove runoff safely puts your community or company at risk for safety issues and compromises drinking water.

Our comprehensive street sweeping in Cleveland, Tennessee provides a viable solution to the dangers of runoff. The environmental integrity of your property is improved, which will help benefit the bottom line in the long run.

Maintain Cleaner Streets and Streams in Cleveland, TN

To improve the condition of your property and keep toxic runoff from seeping into streams, choose Clean Sweep of Cleveland, Tennessee. Get started today by contacting Clean Sweep of Cleveland at 423-877-9192 for street, parking lot and roadway sweeping services.